Reading Challenges

Reading challenges have become a thing online, with different types of challenges offered through Goodreads, Book Riot, various publishers, bloggers, libraries, and so on. I’ve run a few challenges and participated in even more. Sometimes they’re fun, sometimes they become annoying after awhile. I have found an organized challenge the best way to break myself out of a reading slump, plus a challenge can be a great way to expand your reading outside your comfort zone.

Here’s the hot challenge I’m seeing at the start of 2023:

Post this on your social media platform and ask friends to recommend a book they love. The first 12 posted become your monthly reading list for 2023. Credit to @BetweenTheRealmsBookClub for the idea.

Here are a few older challenges to help you get started. The first ones are READO boards that we used in a 2019 reading challenge for the Monroe County Library System. Others are lists that we’ve used at different times.

Use these, or make your own. Either way, good reading!