Author Spotlights

I find authors fascinating.

When I first started writing about books, I was sometimes hyper-critical of books that did not resonate with me. These were books I thought were badly written, had characters I didn’t like, or lots of plot holes. To be fair, there are some books out there that could use some more editing, but I have come to understand that writing a book is a little like having a baby. An author spends months with their story, molding it and shaping it into something they will eventually release into the world. While not every book I read will become a favorite, I am very aware now that the words I write about a book can be hurtful to the author.

I have tremendous respect for authors, especially those that work tirelessly without a lot of reward – the small press authors, the self-published authors – the ones who write because they absolutely must.

This section is for them.

It’s not the cover of Time, but it’s a little bit more exposure for people who deserve it. Sometimes you will find interviews and Q&A with authors, sometimes you will find a profile of an author I’ve just discovered or have loved for a long time. If you’re an author and would like to have a spotlight here, contact me at patricia.uttaro (at)