Top Ten Favorite Books

Every once in awhile, I put forms out at the library and ask people to share the titles of their ten most favorite books. I always find new authors and titles this way, and our patrons love looking at what everyone else likes to read. My list tends to change each time. Here’s the first 5 on my current list…

  1. Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey always makes my list. A spectacularly easy read about the mystery of Richard III and the young princes in the Tower. Did he kill them, or didn’t he?
  2. River of Darkness by Rennie Airth is one of the best English mysteries I’ve read in years. However, it is currently rivaled by Airth’s follow-up, The Blood Dimmed Tide.
  3. A Gracious Plenty by Sheri Reynolds is a must-read for anyone who has lost someone they love and wonders about the afterlife.
  4. All the Harry Potter books make my list. This is far and away the best fantasy series written since Lord of the Rings.
  5. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova is my pick for the must-read of 2005. Spooky and delicious.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Books”

  1. Now see, I really didn’t like HP5 all that much because I didn’t care for Harry’s petulance. But, I DID love Luna Lovegood, and the ending was the most exciting of all the books.


  2. I loved the daughter of time. The Harry potter books are beyond wonderful, especially 3 and 5 😀


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