Nancy Drew, Girl Detective

I was browsing the Teen shelf at the library last night as I was waiting to shut down a computer at closing time, and what did I see? Nancy Drew, Girl Detective #4: The Girl Who Wasn’t There! Oh yeah! Nancy is now a graphic novel. How cool is that?

I checked it out, toted it home and read it in 15 minutes. Loved it. Nancy Drew and graphic novels — what a nifty combination. I read it again over my cereal this morning and paid a little closer attention to the artwork this time around. I was taken back to the Wonder Woman comics of my youth. Very similar style. The story was pretty good too. Very international…where Nancy becomes friends with an Indian woman who answers her call to a computer help desk in India. When the woman calls her in the middle of the night and seems to be in trouble, Nancy, Bess & George hop on a plane and wing their way to New Delhi. Once there, they encounter resistance every step of the way, but Nancy is not deterred. Not only does she rescue her friend, but she breaks up a DVD smuggling ring along the way.

Yes, this is cotton candy for the brain, but so what? Everyone told me the same thing when I was 8 and devouring every Nancy Drew book I could get my hands on. And look at me now. Still reading fluff and loving every minute of it.

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