Punk Farm

Can I just say, this book R-O-C-K-S?!?! Jarrett Krosockzka has created a book for all the Riot Grrls out there who are now dressing their toddlers in leather and Baby Doc Martens. Jarrett K has taken the familiar standard “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and turned it upside down and inside out with the addition of a band of punkified barnyard animals duded up in leather, sunglasses and headbands. The band takes the stage after the farmer goes to sleep, and they spend the night rockin’ the barn full of fourlegged critters. The text is spare but perfect, but it is the illustrations that make this book memorable. I especially liked the horses acting as bouncers/security. I’d certainly never mess with ’em! Cindy is going to do this one at storytime in a couple weeks and have Dave come in with all his instruments. And can I just say, was I surprised that Parma owned this book? Nope. Cathy, you ROCK, too!

1 thought on “Punk Farm”

  1. I liked this book, too. 🙂

    I saw Krosockzka speak at PLA and found him totally charming, so now I’m a double-fan. (This was at the same event where Tony DiTerlizzi was speaking, so, you know. Be still my beating heart and all that.)


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