Young Adult


Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan (Lynburn Legacy #1)

The description of this story intrigued me enough that I overcame my initial revulsion at yet another supernatural romance series and decided to give it a try.

Good choice.

Brennan is a fresh voice in supernatural fiction in that she can actually write! It’s been a long time since I enjoyed quirky, sassy language in this genre. Kami Glass, our girl hero, is kick ass. She leads a typical teen life in Sorry-in-the-Vale, a sleepy English village. Typical, except for the imaginary guy in her head. Jared has been her best friend for years, but only in her imagination. She has learned to hide him from everyone in order to appear sane, so imagine her tremendous surprise when she meets him, for real.

Kami and Jared, both feeling super-exposed, fence around with each other in person, trying to find the comfortable friend each has grown to love, in their minds. To complicate matters further, Jared happens to be a Lynburn. The Lynburns are the to-the-manor-born inhabitants of the manor house in Sorry-in-the-Vale, although the family has been absent from the village for years. Suddenly, they reappear, bringing with them a whole host of supernatural issues that combine to make Kami’s typical life very atypical, very fast.

Brennan’s snappy, sassy dialog is a treat to read, and the story itself is full of wonderful imagery, imaginative plotlines, and likeable characters. In fact, I enjoyed Unspoken so much, I will be looking for the next installment in the Lynburn Legacy.