Read-Overs, or the Books I Memorized By the Time My Kids Turned 2

The What Kids Do post got me thinking about all the stories and movies my kids read and watched over and over gain. That and the fact that I’ve been sifting through my book collection, trying to weed it out so I have room for more books. I came across some old favorites and realized that some of the oldies but goodies had disappeared. Probably too much love. Anyway, here are the lists of books and movies Scott and Liz L-O-V-E loved.

The Must-Reads of Sir Scott and Queen Elizabeth

  • A to Z Animal Band (Play a Sound series) – one of those Sam’s Club buys that totally captivated him from the time he was 1 to about 3 or 4. I so clearly remember sitting on his bed reading this to him when I was hugely pregnant with Liz. He’d get mad because he’d put his head on my belly and she’d kick him. He and I would take turns making the sounds. It was pretty hilarious at the time.
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin – this is the quintessential picture book — wonderful colors and shapes, and a catchy little refrain that Scott still repeats sometimes.
  • One Hungry Monster by Susan O’Keefe and one of my favorite illustrators, Lynn Munsinger. Both kids loved this one and so did I. I’ve used it in storytime on many an occasion, and the illustration of the monsters with peanut butter painted on their mouths is priceless. Liz dug out our old copy and used it this year when she read to the 1st graders at school.
  • Sailor Pig (a Furry Face Board Book) – Liz especially liked this one, although Sailor Pig’s snout was pretty smushed by the time she got him.
  • Whatever You Do, Don’t Get a Gink by Dr. Seuss, but really Louise Gikow – Every now and then, Scott will say “hey Mom! Whatever you do….” and I respond “Don’t get a gink!” and we both just totally crack up.
  • More, More More Said the Baby by Vera Williams – Scott absolutely loved this book. He’d have me read it over and over again, and each time we’d act it out and he would laugh uproariously. What made this book extra special was that it was given to me by Ann Gibson and she had it signed by Vera Williams.
  • Hi Pizza Man! by Virginia Walter – Both kids loved the repetition of this story and we spent hours thinking of other people and creatures we’d like to have deliver our pizza. Even today, whenever we order pizza, one or the other of the kids will invariably holler out “Hi Pizza Man!” when the doorbell rings.
  • Uncle Wiggily’s Storybook by Howard Roger Garis – I’ve never been able to figure out the affection Liz had for this book. The stories are so dated and not very interesting, but she asked for Miss Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy and Squirrel time and again.

There are more, but this post is a-gettin’ long so I’ll cut it short for now. I’ve been surprised at the number of books that are counted among our favorites. Part two will come soon….

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  1. Have you seen the Weston Woods animation of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom? That book is seriously the next thing to perfection, and those smart people at Weston Woods set it to the world’s most catchy music. It’s quite delightful, well worth a look.

    I also really enjoy Lynn Munsinger’s work. 🙂

    This gives me an idea that I should make a list of books I can’t stop reading in story time for watat or the MCLS web site. Bark, George is a good example. I’d read that book at every single story time I did ever if I thought I could get away with it.


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