48 Hour Book Challenge Results

No time to write full reviews right now, so here’s a quick-n-dirty lowdown on my weekend reading for the 48 Hour Book Challenge. Started at 4:00 pm Friday, ended 4:00 pm Sunday.

  1. Resurrection Men by T.K. Welsh – 214 pages
  2. The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan – 312 pages
  3. The Bad Quarto by Jill Paton Walsh – 245 pages
  4. Sacred Bones by Michael Byrnes – 293 pages
  5. The Devil in Amber byMark Gatiss – 245 pages
  6. The Hound of Rowan by Henry Neff – 414 pages

Total books read: 6
Total pages read: 1773
Books started but not finished: 1

2 thoughts on “48 Hour Book Challenge Results”

  1. Hey Bill…Here’s my time.

    Friday 7 hours reading
    Saturday 9 hours reading (a campfire, friends and a case of Labatts sort of got in the way)
    Sunday 4 hours reading
    Total time spent reading – 20 hours


  2. Since MR’s tasked me with gathering statistics for the contest, do you know how much time you were actually able to spend reading?


    Bill (MR’s husband/editor/de facto statistician)


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