The Next Harry Potter

Here’s an interesting post about the next Harry Potter. Apparently, the editor who discovered Harry and gang has just discovered the next great thing to hit children’s literature — Tunnels, a series about a boy archaeologist who discovers a world of tunnels beneath London. H’mmmmm. Kiki Strike fans? Anything sound familiar?

Am I the only one getting tired of the “Next Harry Potter?” It seems to me that much of the children’s fantasy I’ve read lately is derivative of HP, which of course is derivative in and of itself. The boy hero fighting immeasurable evil supported by two stalwart friends? You children’s lit afficiandos out there should remember the “rule of three” from a multitude of folktales. If not, go find a copy of Best-Loved Folktales of World by Joanna Cole and read a few. You’ll see what I mean. I read Rick Riordan’s newest Percy Jackson book, The Titan’s Curse, last weekend and again was struck by how much the whole plot and character ensemble resembles HP. Of course, the mythology is slightly different but the basic ensemble is the same.

I remember first reading Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone and loving it to pieces. It was something new and exciting and very, very special. I want to feel that way again about a children’s book. Don’t you?

3 thoughts on “The Next Harry Potter”

  1. Talk about serendipity — I was unpacking some books in my office this week and what did I find? A copy of Un Lun Dun. For real. So I started it last night and am loving it. Very cool so far…and reminding me of all the old fairy stories about humans being whisked away to fairyland — the description of the light in Un Lun Dun reminded me of the story of the green children.


  2. It’s not fair–that book sounds like outright copying of the idea in Kiki Strike!!
    Anyway…If you are looking for a book that is very individual, try Un Lun Dun by China Mieville.


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