Kiki Strike and the Empress’s Tomb


kiki1.jpgAdrienne sent me ARC for this new Kiki Strike a few weeks ago. I started it, put it down for some reason and forgot about it. I found it again and have spent the last few days immersed in the Shadow City, hungry ghosts, Chinese gangsters, giant squirrels and the enigma that is Kiki Strike.

Kiki Strike, leader of The Irregulars, a motley group of very talented 14 year olds, once again finds herself up against vicious Russian gangsters being directed by her arch nemeses, Livia and Sidonia Galatzina, as well Chinese gangster Lester Liu. This chapter in the Kiki Strike saga revolves around secrets and the damage caused by keeping them too long.

As in the first Kiki story, the writing is hip and the characterizations crisp, with a plot that stretches the boundaries of belief but makes you believe nonetheless. I keep hoping for a Kiki Strike movie, but would be satisfied with something on Adult Swim. Edgy girls will love this and so will their post-punk moms.

One comment on “Kiki Strike and the Empress’s Tomb

  1. adrienne says:

    I never thought of it, but Kiki does have potential for Adult Swim. I’d watch it.


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