Erin Hart

I really like the “Recommended For You” feature provided by Amazon, most recently because it introduced me to Erin Hart, who writes archaeological, forensic mysteries, similar to Aaron Elkins.

Hart has three published novels, and I’ve made my way through the first two: Haunted Ground and Lake of Sorrows, both set in Ireland and featuring Irish-American pathologist Nora Gavin and Irish archaeologist Cormac Maguire.

Gavin and Maguire come together in Haunted Ground after the death of a common mentor and over the well-preserved head of a red-haired girl soaked in an Irish bog for several hundred years. Their budding relationship continues in Lake of Sorrows, as they struggle to solve the mystery of two bodies found in another bog, men who died hundreds of years apart but appeared to have been killed in an identical manner.

Both novels benefit from complex, multilayered plots involving fascinating, strong characters whose stories the reader wants to know. The historical elements surrounding the discovery of “bog bodies” prompted me to find out more about this topic, something that doesn’t always happen in the course of reading a mystery novel.

Linking to the novels on Amazon and seeing their covers makes me sorry I read these two on my Kindle, and made me realize that some books really benefit from the cover art. The third entry in this series, False Mermaid, is on my next-to-read list.