Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull

dragonwatchFablehaven fans, rejoice! Kendra and Seth are back and as badass as ever!

Dragonwatch opens with a mysterious early morning meeting between Grandpa Sorensen and a shady, cloaked being, where Grandpa is warned of a coming disaster. Kendra, out for her morning run, over hears some of the conversation and realizes that she and Seth will likely be called upon to do battle again. This time, however, more will be asked of the two than ever before. Can they handle the responsibility?

As with the earlier Fablehaven books, Mull creates a vivid landscape filled with all sorts of glorious and deadly creatures. At center stage in Dragonwatch are, of course, DRAGONS! Celebrant the Just takes his places among Dragons of Literature here, right up there with Smaug, Orm, and Saphira. Mull moves the story along at a rapid pace, and successfully keeps Kendra and Seth pretty normal kids who just happen to have mystical powers. The dialog is breezy and colloquial, which will appeal to readers and keep them going. The story arc begun here leaves so much room for more entries in this series that fans will be thrilled and left eagerly awaiting the next. Well done, Mr. Mull. Well done.