Lineage Most Lethal by S.C. Perkins

978ED838-924E-4337-A09E-5F02906CBE90From Netgalley & the Publisher:

Lineage Most Lethal is the captivating second mystery in S. C. Perkins’ Ancestry Detective series, in which Texas genealogist Lucy Lancaster grapples with murders in both the past and present.

It’s the week before New Year’s Eve and genealogist Lucy Lancaster is mixing work and play quite nicely at the boutique Sutton Hotel in Austin, Texas. After two months of research she’s finalizing her presentation for hotel heiress Pippa Sutton, her latest client.

Lucy has just arrived back at the hotel after a day of research when a strange man comes staggering toward her. She barely has time to notice his weak, sweaty appearance and broken tooth before he presses a classic Montblanc pen into her hand, whispers, “keep them safe,” and collapses at her feet, dead.

Lucy only knows one person who might be able to explain the significance of the pen: her grandpa, who is a collector. But Grandpa has an odd reaction to the sight of the pen, and Lucy can’t help but feel that it might have something to do with his experiences during World War II.

When Lucy becomes convinced that her hotel room has been searched and that there’s more to the pen—and her grandpa—than meets the eye, she begins to draw connections from the present-day deaths and suspicious behaviors to a group of spies in World War II. Secret codes, old grievances, and traitors seem to hide behind every corner, and as Lucy begins to connect the dots someone seems determined to make sure the Lancaster line ends once and for all.

Genealogy fans will enjoy this new cozy mystery in the Ancestry Detective series. I loved the first chapter where genealogist Lucy instructs a starry-eyed but confused family researcher in the proper way to treat old gravestones. Important information, folks!

The story is interesting and clever in places, especially in the backstory of Lucy’s grandfather. The writing is breezy and uncomplicated, and the solidly plotted mystery is enhanced with lots of information on family history research and a cast of likable characters.

This will be a good book to read while on your porch this summer. Recommended.

Publication Date: July 21, 2020
Published By: St. Martin’s Press; Minotaur Books
Thanks to Netgalley for the review copy